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22 inch mixing mill


1.The roller is made of chilled casting vanadium & titanium alloy iron which is hard and wear-resisting, the surface hardness is above 70degree, the surface coating is about 15mm.

2.Hard tooth gear reducer with well-design structure, low noise, high efficiency and long service life.

3.Self-aligning bearing is well matching with the bearing inside leakage-proof device. The sealers are made of high temperature,wear, oil resistance material,which have very good sealing effect.

4.All main electrics are imported, the alternating current contactor is Shilin brand. The switch and button are Taiwan Tend brand.

5.Circulating lubrication system solves the oil leakage problem. The feature of this system is easy to maintain,easy to replace.

6.This machine is installed with overload protection device which protect the machine will not broken if the machine is overload.The machine will reverse 1/3 round when press the emergency stop button,which sure the production safety.

7.The“U” shape frame is whole set casting, but other factory welded together.

8.The machine base is welded by national standard I steel.

Main parameter

Roller diameter (mm) 450

Roller length(mm) 1500
Front roller speed (m/min) 28.3
Speed ratio 1:1.29

Max roller gap(mm) 15
Nip adjustment Manual

Mixing capacity(kg) 50-60

Power (kw) 90
Motor RPM(r/min) 980

Reducer ratio 45

Reducer model 500
Roller bearing diameter(mm) 320

Bearing model 24064CC×2

Bearing size(mm) 490×320×180
Machine size(mm) 5400x2300x2100
Machine weight(kg) 18000

Public equipment

Power: 380V 50Hz 60kw

Cooling water supply: 2kg/cm2 0.4cbm/min 60kw

Machine parts

Machine frame: one

Transmission drive: one

Nip adjustment device: one

Pipes: one

Electrics: one

Machine structure


Machine base Welded by national standard I steel and steel plate.
Machine frame Carbon steel casting with thermal treatment.
Rollers Roller is made of chilled casting vanadium & titanium alloy iron which is hard and wear-resisting. With special treatment to the inside,the temperature of roller surface will be even.?
Bearing SKF self-aligning bearing, CC model, which has long service life.
Bearing base whole set casting
Leakage-proof device Imported high temperature and wear resistance oil seal.

(2)ransmission drive

Main motor 90KW,6P, AC
Coupling Main motor and reducer are connected by coupling.
 Reducer Hard tooth with precision processing.
Ratio gear Front and back rollers are connected by ratio gear.

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